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Garden Gate Florists - Your Durban Florists

In a world filled with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we draw ourselves further and further from human connection, which leaves us distanced from things which we take for granted. It is in these most disconnected moments that we might use something beautiful, something natural and perhaps even something you just might have to put in some water, to connect with the ones we love.

Garden Gate Florists is a full-service Durban florist offering with a wide range of floral gifts for all occasions and has been operating in Durban for over a decade. Located in Overport Durban, 4 South Road.
Thanks to our teams’ involvement in the floral industry, our company has grown over the years, turning our business from the tiniest flower to the biggest, brightest bouquet that it could possibly be, a metaphor we do not take lightly.

You see it’s about the occasion, and really it doesn’t matter whether it is a Wedding, Birthday, New Born Baby or even something completely out of the blue. The Garden Gate designers have the perfect flower arrangements to suit any taste.

By creating flower filled marvels, we believe that we are tactically tapping into people’s emotional connections, fuelling mutual love and affection and becoming a subtle catalyst to the heart. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated. As florists, we believe that it is our job to create floral representations of this affection.

There are of course people in this world who are too far disconnected to appreciate the beauty of something as a flower, but we hope that by seeing this site and all the profound occasions flowers complete, that they will open their hearts to what impactful gifts flowers can be when prepared by an artisan florist.

Thank You for taking the time to check out our website, and we cannot wait to hear from you for your next special occasion.

Kind Regards
The Garden Gate Team.